Apex Generation Leadership partners with businesses to maximize the potential of young and aspiring employees.


Coaching emerged as a front-running development strategy for executives over the past three decades. AGL blends the proven science of coaching with years of expertise in engaging millennial employees. AGL identifies your strategic goals as an organization and designs a coaching program that develops personal and professional excellence in your employees.


AGL works to increase qualification, job satisfaction, and retention among employees by focusing on outcomes related to stress, motivation, vision, and participation. Ensuring that the training investment is put to good use, proprietary metrics track progress in personal, operational, and team dynamics.

ROI in excess of 300%


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How it works

Schedule a consultation with an AGL representative to identify the development objectives of your organization. AGL will then develop a customized coaching plan, work with your employees, and track their growth with metrics that correlate to your business success. 


Coaching tools have been used successfully within the corporate world for decades. With proven results ranging from increased sales to more effective communication within teams, the ROI of coaching for executives and managers is well established. Conservative estimates are in excess of 300% ROI.  


For over a decade, the AGL team has specialized in coaching millennials as they transition to adulthood and the workforce. By utilizing the services of AGL, organizations have the opportunity to turn the training of young employees into a streamlined process that increases productivity, retention, workplace satisfaction, and more.


AGL tailors the coaching program to the priorities of the business and the development targets of individual employees. Certified coaches then work with employees using a conversational process based in psychology and neuroscience. As a result, employee performance increases and the business experiences greater success. 

Maximize Results



ROI oF coaching is conservatively measured at 3X  


Mental HardIness one of the most beneficial outcomes of coaching. Mental hardiness is a measure used to determine an individual's sense of personal control, their propensity to rise to meet challenges, and their ability to cope with change. Mental hardiness has been found to double through coaching. For an organization, this results in employees that are willing to take on larger challenges and own the project through to completion.  


Personal insights

...are at the core of coaching. The coach helps individuals explore their intuition to discover personal strengths and generate previously unknown solutions. Coaching increases the number of individual insights 5x, correlating to increased problem solving, psychological well-being, and mindfulness. Employees with this personal awareness manage themselves well and effectively engage with others. 


Time management

... is the ability to stay on top of tasks and get more done. This skill set is a standalone return on investment from coaching; however, it also results in a myriad of additional benefits. Time management has also proven to decrease stress, increase quality of work, improve workplace cohesion, bolster confidence, and result in more promotions. These benefits all serve to make an individual more valuable within the workplace and their personal life. 


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